Our Role Models

During Brite, girls will learn with diverse STEM role models, with an array of opportunities for girls to connect with the personal and professional journeys of role models and see themselves as STEM professionals.

Code, Create Collaborate

Siobahn Day Grady

Assistant Professor

Program Director,

Information Science/Systems

Anamita Guha


Product Leader

Safoura Seddighin

Co Founder, Fabinnov Fablab

Beata Mierzwa

Molecular Biologist

Science Artist

Dream, Design, Discover

Caeley Looney

CEO & Editor in Chief,

Reinvented Magazine

Gabriela González

Director, Intel’s STEM

Education Research Office

Xyla Foxlin

Mechatronics Engineer and YouTube Creator

Yamilée Toussaint Beach

CEO of STEM from Dance

Investigate, Innovate, Inspire

Danielle Twum

Cancer Immunologist

Jessica Hua

Ecologist and

Associate Professor

Claudia Fracchiolla

Physics Education Researcher

Jess Phoenix

Geologist, Explorer,


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The Brite Program is only available to self-identifying girls ages 13-16 from 10 pre-selected informal STEM programs. If you want to learn more about future offerings enter your email below to stay updated.